Forget hiring some young, enthusiastic fresh-faced college graduate - the new trend in hiring nannies seems to be looking for ones that speak Mandarin. The BBC reported that more families are looking for Chinese nannies who might be able to give their kids an edge in the future when China is expected to become an even bigger superpower. And two families were bidding over a nanny that the final salary rose to $70,000! If only Gothamist knew Mandarin - then we'd have another backup job option. Reader Alex, who passed along the link to us, wonders if this is similar to the 1980s trend of parents teaching their kids Japanese (just look at Sofia Coppola!). Gothamist suspects another important reason: To be able to order off the menu at Chinese restaurants. But what's daunting is the Chinese character system - although a 6 month old apparently read a thousand of them (that's about 950 more characters than Gothamist knows).

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