At Gothamist HQ, contentious debate continues to rage about whether it's acceptable for men to wear flip flops or square toed shoes in NYC. And we've reached no consensus on whether kitten heels for the ladies are okay. Now let's turn to the timely question of shorts—specifically the widely-reviled "cargo shorts."

Gothamist managing editor John Del Signore, who maintains a militant slacks & shoes policy during business hours, doesn't see what the big deal is. "On the rare occasions when I do wear shorts (trips to the beach, rock festivals, taking a shower), my preference for cargo shorts has been routinely ridiculed by the fashion police. My feeling is, if you're a grown man who's going to wear shorts in New York City, you've already given up on life, so what's the difference?"

Del Signore's insensitive remarks sparked a heated debate in the office, with two cargo shorts-clad Gothamist staffers defended their "look," insisting, "It's, like, 99 degrees outside!" Even Tom Ford got dragged into the conversation, with one staffer pointing out: "Well Tom Ford says that a gentleman should never wear shorts—or flip-flops for that matter—so they’re like the antithesis of fashion. But from a utilitarian standpoint, there’s nothing wrong with them." To which another responded: "Tom Ford doesn’t know everything! Cargo shorts are just so seventh grade Abercrombie & Fitch."

As his leggy co-workers grabbed scissors and forcibly restrained Del Signore to turn his trousers into cut-offs, we decided it was a good time to leave the office and hit the city streets to find out where other New Yorkers stand in the Great Cargo Shorts Debate. Seriously, we would like to know why cargo shorts are so anathema to so many! If you have any insight, please let us know in the comments.

With Alexandra Shytsman.