Did you hear about that guy in Los Angeles whose Natalie Merchant concert vibe was harshed by that dude and his cell phone? No? Well, he's just one poster boy for the masses who want technology turned off at concerts, and today the Wall Street Journal stage dives right into the controversy—because if video killed the radio star, couldn't camera phones kill a concert?

Merchant herself addressed the crowd that night saying, "I'm right here. This is live. This is where the show is." And she isn't the only one who doesn't want the audience filling up their Twitters and YouTubes and Facebooks with (usually poor quality) video. Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes told the WSJ, "As a band we've been trying to string together these moments, the kind of moments I've had as a music fan that have blown my mind. That's not happening when you're texting or checking your fucking fantasy league stats. I personally think you should be too high to operate a machine at our concerts."

Robinson's band decided to prohibit photos and videos on their current tour, which at least one fan declared to be "incredibly lame."