Twice a year the ARChive weeds through their permanent collection and pulls out third copies of recordings to sell. Along with latest releases they receive from record companies and other supporters. Basically it's a massive record sale of everything music related...including, um, music. Other items you can expect to find, aside from the over 10,000 (sealed, mint, used, rare, new) recordings for sale, are posters, t-shirts & books.

How much can you expect to spend, well...that depends on your level of obsession with music, but here is a pricing list so you know how much to withdrawl before heading over:

All new cassettes: $2.00 (12 for $20)
Most LPs: $1 - $3
Collectible LPs: prices way below book value
Hundreds of CDs at $1 & $2 each
Most new CDs at $4.
Just released NEW & HOT CDs are $5 - $10

And where exactly can you find such incredible deals?:

54 White Street, ground floor
Three blocks south of Canal, between Church and Broadway