Not too long ago the Manhattan Bridge archway was filled with proposals for the Pearl Street Triangle (including one that would have turned the space in to a giant interactive piano). Currently the space is simply painted green, with a few sculptures, chairs and tables scattered about (an improvement from the parking lot it used to be). Last night a winner was announced for the recent "ideas competition," which aimed to find a new way to utilize the public space. DUMBO's own Coburn Architecture won with their design called "The Tracks: Ride the Rails!" (Note to artists: they're also seeking mural proposals for the DOT Fence which used to display this colorful piece)

Their renderings show an event space with amphitheater-like spaces that showcase the triangle's neighboring arch, according to the NY Post. Contest officials had this to say about the design:

“The Tracks plaza takes it’s inspiration from the myriad of rail lines that at one time weaved their way through the industrial streets of DUMBO. As these tracks emerge from beneath the pavement surrounding the triangle, they become the armature for a series of tiered seats that wind through the site to create three amphitheater-like spaces: the first, facing the Manhattan Bridge, is delineated by seating for films projected onto the masonry wall that encloses the arch beneath the bridge; the second, a performance and display space enclosed by two opposing tiers; and the third, where a low tier hugs a series of in-ground fountains. Shallow alcoves are molded underneath the higher tiers, welcoming local artists to display their creations.”

It's now up to the city to see if they want to make this grand plan come to life. Now, what can we do about Stabber Alley?