NYC architect Ju-Hyun Kim has sent along these renderings he created after wondering if the city could have a "vertical-urban-amusement park" (maybe in Queens?). He came up with this sustainable Skyscraper Theme Park, which is split into five major areas: Vertigo World (carousel and observation deck), Fast Land (flume ride, rollercoaster), 360 World (Ferris Wheel, sky promenade), Abyss City (deep city diver), and the Elsewhere Universe (space exploration, science center). Just thinking about Vertigo World is giving us vertigo. Here's what Kim tells us about his idea:

"Suburb-located Theme parks have been by-product of automobile-centered society. In the contemporary society where zero-car, zero carbon is highly valued, the theme park has been located at the opposite side of eco-sensitive society. Here, this project imagines vertically stacked theme park in the middle of the city. With the minimum footprint on the ground, this vertically stacked theme park will itself become skyscraper. Theme park is the place where somebody can experience extraordinary altitude, speed and unexpected events.

Jeb Corliss is going to love this.