Hamish the Scuba Dog

Gothamist considered a few options for this post, but decided the best we could do was revisit a post from one year ago: Hamish the British Scuba Dog. We hope to make Hamish an April 1 tradition. But here are Gothamist's rejected April Fool's Ideas: - Kidnapping Thompson - Only panda posts all day - Embracing CSI - Folding due to frustration over rabid commenters - Announcing that we were moving to L.A. - Giving up red meat

Gothamist doesn't have many April Fool's Day stories, because, well, we're getting fooled all the time. But if you've been fooled - or fooled others - tell us in the comments.

Michael Jackson is the most foolish American for the second year in a row today, followed by sister Janet, Martha Stewart, and Britney Spears (ladies, represent!). A little about the history of April Fool's Day. And Anil's plea for today ("Okay, DAD.").