2005_02_grafap.jpgLast night, the producers of The Apprentice tried to mix business with one of the most non-business forms in NYC - graffiti. The two teams were supposed to promote Sony Playstation's Gran Turismo 4 by painting a mural on a Harlem wall that would appeal to an urban, hip demographic (Sony Playstation was mentioned throughout the show, ensuring that Nintendo executives are gnashing their teeth). The team leaders were Alex for Magna (aka "Book smart, but not that smart smart") and Tara for Net Worth (aka "Street smart, yet not that smart smart"). Now, Gothamist won't mention spoilers in the post for all your Tivo freaks (why aren't you at home on a Thursday night like us?), but we would like to point out that any candidate who says "I expect to win" type things usually royally screws up. For those of you who did see the show, what did you think of the murals? Which had better graffiti? Which was more on message? And did you laugh at Alex's fear of being in Harlem?

And Gothamist also thinks it's hilarious that The Donald never mentions the brand's executives by names (they only get mentioned if they are like C-level types) and that he claims they are in the world headquarters of various brands. For instance, as a reader pointed out, last night The Donald claimed they were at the world headquarters of Sony, which we would think is in Japan, but they were in the offices of ad agency Chiat/Day; a few weeks ago, the challenge was supposed at Nestle, but really at ad agency Publicis. Donny Deutsch must have the secret to The Donald's hair or something.