2005_09_apprentb1.jpgAnd not any old gym: The minions in the fourth season of Donald Trump-Mark Burnett's rat race contest had to create a fitness program for Bally's Total Fitness! Yes, the Bally's that has admitted to using "high pressure sales techniques" and other unlawful practices to attract and retain customers! Ugh. They may be a cheap option month to month, but you'll need to go through about five circles of hell to break your membership. Anyway, this season of the Apprentice had the teams split up into the men and the women again, and thankfully, stupidity and insta-hate emerged immediately. This task also enabled the cameras to take a lot of gratuitous ass shots of people working out.

Gothamist didn't realize we missed George and Carolyn so much, but we love watching George observe tasks and Carolyn does ask the best questions in the boardroom. We won't go into the details here, but one pleasure from last night's episode was at the start, when Donald made teams race to see who would reach a helicopter that would take them back to the city in five minutes (they were at Trump's golf course in Bedminster, NJ) first and pick the Bally's location of their choice, the choices being 20th and 6th Avenue or one on 106th Street in Spanish Harlem. Yes, the team that got the helicopter chose the Chelsea location.


The NY Times has an article about Trump's newest condo project - in Jersey City (maybe that'll be one of the "jobs" offered to the winner). And apparently bananas are the new Trump phone!