Photos via Gary Burke's Flickr and veryjr's Twitter

The 5th Avenue Apple Store, which opened back in 2006 and in 2010 was named the 5th most photographed NYC landmark, will soon be missing from the street's landscape. A $6,661,050 renovation has begun, which has the glass cube currently covered up while it's being prepared for its removal.

According to ifoAppleStore, the construction won't be finished until November. During its time out of the spotlight, the company will make upgrades to the surrounding plaza structure, before reinstalling the cube... or a cube. The site reports that "the permits don’t hint at why the cube is being replaced, either for safety reasons or to upgrade it to current technology. It’s also not clear if the original glass panels and the TriPyramid Structures Inc. hardware will be be replaced with new versions or simply reinstalled."

The cube originally cost $7 million to fabricate and assemble, which sounds like a lot but Apple only has to sell around 24,000 iPhone 4's to recoup that money!