The Apollo Theater has announced they will expand their daytime programming... with hologram technology. This hi-tech aspect is part of their initiative to highlight "the institution’s deep impact on American music and culture." For their first presentation they'll bring Billie Holiday back to the stage. Hologram USA is working with the venue, which will become the first theater in the U.S. to offer such presentations. In a statement, CEO Alki David declared, "To be able to bring back epic artists on the historic stage that gave them their debuts is mind-boggling, and is exactly why I invested so much into this technology."

“We are so pleased to expand our programming and employ this dramatic, cutting-edge technology as we continue to find new and innovative ways to celebrate our rich legacy for contemporary audiences,” said Jonelle Procope, President and CEO of the Apollo Theater. “The possibilities inherent in this initiative are very exciting, allowing us the ability to show the enduring impact and relevance of artists across time periods and geographic locations. We’re looking forward to connecting our audiences with the artistry of great musicians, including Billie Holiday, through the magic of this technology.”

Holiday spent many hours at the Apollo, where she made her debut at the age of 19, and performed about 30 times throughout her life. These performances often included other influential musicians, such as the Count Basie Orchestra, Roy Eldridge, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong.

Expect to see Holiday's hologram beaming on the stage sometime later this year. The theater also added her to their Walk of Fame earlier this year, at the start of their centennial celebration of Lady Day.