Last month we asked to see your apartments. New Yorkers, including us, are voyeuristic creatures (admit it), and who doesn't love to see how their neighbors are living... even if it can lead to pangs of jealousy. Below is our second installment—and in case you missed last week's, about the woman who paid $500 total for two East Village apartments, click here (it'll only hurt a little).

This week we leave Manhattan for Brooklyn, right off the Montrose L stop in East Williamsburg. This is where 23-year-old Lacie (a preschool teacher), her boyfriend, and their friend live. She tells us, "Last August it was Craigslist time, I was looking for any apartment. No qualifications, no standards, just a place to live. All we needed was a place to house myself, my friend, my boyfriend, a 4-pound poodle, and a black cat.

I found a cheap railroad apartment, nothing special... but the landlord and I got to talking, and I started asking a million questions, like, 'Do you own any other properties?' He told me, 'As of 30 minutes ago a tenant told me she was leaving. I have to tell you, the place is unusual and interesting. It's a cottage house behind this apartment building."

The freestanding house has a porch, a yard, two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Lacie says, "The place is tiny but has charm. I mean, we live in a goddamn cottage! We have a fire pit in the front yard. My landlord told me when he bought the property, a 90 year old man lived in the cottage and used to plant watermelons in between the cobblestones in the front yard."

The rent is $2000, which is split between 3 people.

So are you proud of your place? Send us your photos and some details about your home, and we'll keep this series going. NOTE: Please send small files, preferably a max of 640 pixels wide, and under 100K. Or better yet, a link to your photos.