We live in a strange new world in which the mayor of NYC shovels his own snow and nationally-syndicated columnists out themselves as degenerate drug users. The times they are a-changin', so maybe we shouldn't be so surprised that critics' tweets are now being turned into advertising fodder in print publications: NY Times film critic and GoogaMooga aficionado A.O. Scott discovered just that this morning when a tweet he made about Inside Llewyn Davis showed up as a full-page print ad on page c7 of today's Times.

Here's what Scott, who adored the acclaimed movie, originally tweeted:

You might be wondering why CBS Films, which released the film, would choose a tweet about the soundtrack rather than one about the movie itself (which Scott has given plenty of praise in other tweets). A story in the Times this weekend points to the logic behind the ad campaign: the promoters "have gone to extraordinary lengths in using the folk music at the movie’s center to attract audiences, woo Oscar voters and sell its soundtrack album."

So while you debate whether a blurbed tweet is a bleat or a twerb, let's all contemplate the possibilities for future tweet-based advertising: