2003_9_duplexmovie.jpgGothamist has been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Ben Stiller-Drew Barrymore "comedy" Duplex not because we really want to see it, but because we wanted to read A.O. Scott's review. And how did we know A.O. Scott would review it? Just a hunch, as he's a Park Slope resident, the film was filmed in Park Slope...we may not be able to spell, but we can add. Here are two quotes we like from Scott's review:

- The neighborhood is not specified, but the exteriors were shot, quite fittingly, in Park Slope, home to a great many writers and editors, and even the odd film critic.
- ...the extra space would sure be nice, especially when they get around to having a baby (which, though the movie doesn't mention it, residents of Park Slope are required to do within 18 months of arrival or face deportation back to Manhattan.

Ha. That's exactly why Gothamist had to move out of Park Slope. We were being strollered off the sidewalks by the too-cute mommies and daddies.

A.O. Scott on another apartment-centric film: Panic Room.