Have you ever had a nightmare in which you're covered in snakes? Well, now that nightmare can become a reality, if that is for some reason something you want to happen. Snake massages are here, even though no one asked for them, and they will bring you in direct contact with boa constrictors. Why? Because a snake writhing on top of you yields positive health benefits. Allegedly. A big, big allegedly.

In honor of National Snake Day (and not just the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian drama), CBS New York visited an upstate snake goddess named Serpentessa who offers this next level experience.

She explained, while snakes slithered up a client's body, "They tone and stimulate the vagus nerve in our body and that releases endorphins and oxytocin... Those are the feel good hormones." Serpentessa also emphasized she's always present during the massage.

The client said the experience was very "calming." But how much are supposed to tip the snake for the massage?

Insider visited Serpentessa earlier this year, and she described a snake massage as a "sensational and deep dive into sensual bliss." (Though Desus and Mero were more skeptical upon watching that video.)

Serpentessa's massages start at $297 for a 75 minute session. According to CBS New York, she also offers them in NYC.