Not all #summergoals are worth writing down on a piece of paper. But when you have your mind set on complex achievements, such as finding someone to buy you food, you jot that shit down while it's still on your mind, and you raise that bar of yours a little higher. YOU! You are our #humangoal. Yes, you, who wrote this list and somehow managed to lose it near Columbus & 76th Street. Our #onlygoal is to get it back to you.

(Photo by Samantha Swenke)

We have typed this out for you (the reader) so that you may print it out for yourself, toss it into the universe, and sit back and drink and smoke on a rooftop until you find yourself submerged in a pool of free food, celebrity, and total emptiness.

Summer 2015

- pool hopping
- crash a wedding
- meet an athlete
- go on a tinder date
- hookup w/ someone in europe
- get someone to pay for your food
- go to pool at soho house
- go on a rooftop / drink / smoke
- go out w/ wall street guys
- get as many free things as possible
- celebrity events (high profile)
- art gallery opening
- rooftop party in brooklyn
- party in hamptons
- throw a house party
- gay pride parade

Please send us your #summergoals list to — handwritten preferred.