If you're down by Ground Zero tonight, don't be surprised if you see some two-hundred foot tall anti-war projections. The Glass Bead Collective is bringing their tricked out 100,000 lumen projector van into the city for an art-protest:

Rather than a sit-in or a march, one group has decided on a luminous statement about the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War.

A group calling itself the Glass Bead Collective is planning to project images onto a building at ground zero using a 100,000 lumens projector. That means it will be bright.

Those gathered are asked to light candles as part of a vigil.

Glass Bead Collective describes itself as bringing together diverse professionals to create works that "recontextualize'' culture and the world we live in. It was founded in 2002.

You can read more about the project at their site-- the action starts at 7:30 tonight. And if you're too lazy to go downtown, Amy suggests checking out the projections on the local webcams.