08holmes.jpgWhile NYC continues its battle with Tom for Katie, All My Sons, the Arthur Miller play Holmes has been working so hard on, will soon open on Broadway. She may not have sold many tickets, but The Daily News reports that the anti-Scientology group Anonymous will be turning out in droves wearing their V for Vendetta masks (they should really look in to wearing the Tom Cruise Vanilla Sky masks). When the play had its first preview performance the group paraded on the outskirts with signs that read: "Scientology Kills" and "Free Katie, keep Tom." No doubt a pack of Scientologists will also be on hand; last time they reportedly taunted the Anonymous group by chanting: "Let's break all the windows at the Org," (the Scientology headquarters on West 46th Street). Which is kind of a confusing taunt, but what do you expect from people who actually read Dianetics?