This is so J. Peterman catalog. Anthropologie (either you, your girlfriend, or your sister loves this store) has ventured into some odd territory with their latest offering: a rickshaw (what will Anthroparodie say?). Though they should be calling it a rickshawwww because it's so freakin' adorable. After a trip to India, the company designed their own, adding "special touches" like a collapsible kantha-fabric canopy, handlebar streamers, "a bell for brrring-bringing on the bike path," and a headlight that illuminates when the pedals are cranked.

The description says it's "an instant conversation starter on the road"—which, if you're taking it into the bike lane like they recommend, it certainly is. And that kind of attention will only cost you $2,200 (plus $300 shipping). [via Oh Happy Day]