STOP what you're doing and program your TiVos or mark this down in your Outlook calendars or PDAs... Anthony Bourdain's new show, No Reservations, is premiering on the Travel Channel on Monday, July 25 at 10PM. Here is Bourdain's description of what the show is about:

"It means that I just don't care what happens, you know, in the sense that there are things I want to do, there are things I want to see, there are things I want to experience before the time that I can't do those things. We get so little time at the table. I guess it means I'm not doing anything in a half-hearted way. No reservations, meaning we're going all the way, baby. No fear. My whole life, cooking has been about control. About being on it, every minute. About controlling everything and everybody around you. Traveling and eating are about letting things happen.

Check out the show's website, which includes a photo of Bourdain in a mudbath. Gothamist's favorite picture, however, was the one above, captioned, "I indulge my "Hello Kitty" obsession at an Asian supermarket in New Jersey. Who is that damn kitty anyway? And why is she EVERYWHERE? I need to know!!" Anthony, here's all the Hello Kitty info you could wish for. And we can't wait for the episode where you visit New Jersey.

We love his books, Kitchen Confidential and A Cook's Tour. And he's chef-at-large at Les Halles.