2006_05_arts_blunt.jpgIf you haven't already, you probably want to add MySpace Secret Shows as a friend on MySpace.com, and also add them to your "top 8" on the site. The site has been putting on secret shows for a while now, and that is the only way to get in.

The next one in New York is James Blunt at the Cutting Room, just incase you haven't heard that song You're Beautiful enough lately. And if you think Blunt is as sweet as his lyrics, looks like you're wrong.

Recently a British radio station banned him, stating:

“This time, the number of specific comments about James Blunt were more than we have ever seen for one particular artist. It was quite staggering. People said, ‘Can you get rid of him?’ ‘Can you ban him?’

"The amount of feedback is enormous, so it looks like there’ll be a pretty long-term ban,” said Cotton. “This does tend to happen when artists reach a certain level of popularity, when it becomes wall-to-wall coverage."

Blunt's response:

"To all those bastards who don't like my music — you're all adults, you can switch your radio off," said Blunt. "I don't have to listen to it, I'm the one who sings it… and it's continued to get me laid."

He was totally that guy on the quad at our college campus who sat and played guitar to meet girls. We're on to you Blunt! Just look at all of the girls who posted comments on his MySpace blog announcement about the show.