How many rooftop residences are secretly hiding out above the streets of NYC? Recently we have seen several rooftop properties that we would have preferred having no knowledge of, ever: we saw a rooftop cottage paradise in the East Village, a rustic cabin on a rooftop in the West Village, and then there were all those pools. AND NOW? A more attainable rooftop homestead, perhaps: The Upper East Side rooftop shanty.


(Photo courtesy of Alexandra)

This photo comes from tipster Alexandra, who tells us, "We were on the rooftop today when we noticed this interesting structure on the building to the north of us (located at 92nd / Lex)." (According to information found online, this building may or may not have "a known leaking roof problem.") But does someone live there? It certainly looks like it—with its sunbrella-striped awning, a sliding door, plenty of windows, and planters creating a homey landscape.

(Photo courtesy of Alexandra)

We'll update if we find out more about this structure (or if YOU know anything, drop us a line at