Hollywood has repeatedly opted to film blatantly New York movies in other locales and specifically Canada (such as Rent, Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story, Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx etc), and now they've even relocated our city's great Museum of Natural History. According to the Vancouver Sun, Ben Stiller is set to star in Stephen Sommers' A Night at the Museum, a family comedy, loosely based on the children's book by Milan Trenc, about an incompetent security guard at the Museum of Natural History who accidentally triggers an ancient curse, causing the display exhibits to come back to life. Supposedly, 20th Century Fox was prepared to shoot the $140-million film in Montreal, but Stiller demanded the filming be shifted over to Vancouver. Brian Baker, from Quebec film technicians union, called the recent move a total disaster, insisting the significant amount of work and money lost to the city is "heartbreaking." Gothamist can't help but think the only real heartbreaking issue is that Stiller didn't request the film be shot where it belongs -- New York City. Photo credit: Jake Dobkin