Forget the fawn and focus on the feline: Bambi, the adorable NYC shelter kitty who participated in the Meow Mix House "reality show," was the only cat not adopted out of the ten cats in participating, leaving some to wonder if her solitary attitude (she loved sitting on a leopard print couch and hissed at other cats) was to blame. The Post had first reported that Bambi was the last cat standing adoption-wise (was it due to "Man-cat-tan meow-titude"?), but the Daily News took up the kitty torch, reporting that Bambi had been adopted by an Upper East Sider. The 7 year old cat was picked up yesterday - and she got to take her leopard print couch too. Hooray!

We visited the Meow Mix House last week! And if you're interested in adopting a cat - or dog - check out these shelters in NYC.