The ninth annual Afropunk Fest is going down this weekend in Fort Greene's Commodore Barry Park, and based on the eclectic lineup and expansive selection of food trucks, it will be difficult for even the staunchest Derider of Fun to fail to find something worthwhile.

The bill features a range of artists bounded by little by way of coherent theme—Living Colour, Chuck D, Death, the Coup, Trash Talk?—beyond that they're mostly black, and all free thinkers, organizer Matthew Morgan told the Daily News. “These are people who push the boundaries. They go left instead of right,” he said.

Not to be outdone, 26 food trucks—Rickshaw Dumpling, Valducci’s, Nuchas, Palenque, you name it—will sate all conceivable culinary cravings, and if that doesn't do it, perhaps the eight food carts and four pop-up restaurants will. Work off all the dumplings/nachos/empanadas/tacos with a yoga class (yes) or have a go on the climbing wall (also yes).

The event is free, but a $25 donation enables attendees to skip the line, and an extra 50 bones will get you not only quick access, but a Dinosaur BBQ-catered brunch with boozy drink.

The Afropunk Fest is at Fort Greene's Commodore Barry Park on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 9 p.m. Click here for the full lineup and more information.