If pillow fights, Jedi duels, flash mobs, or not wearing pants on the subway are all not your thing, perhaps you'll find joy in the annual Bubble Battle, returning to the city June 18th. Or perhaps you'll be repulsed by the idea like one Gothamist staffer who audibly sighed upon hearing the news that strangers will gather en masse to blow magical, shiny little bubbles all over Times Square. Because, the horror, right? Here's the scoop, from organizers at Newmindspace:

Millions of bubbles fly through the air as we converge for a magical bubble battle! Loosely based on the Dr. Seuss Classic The Butter Battle Book. Bring bubble toys, bubble generators, bubble solution, and plenty of AA batteries :) We will meet, fill our weapons and pull the trigger!

Last year over 1,500 people joined in on the fun, if you want to join them this year, check in on the Facebook page (the location has yet to be announced). [via Laughing Squid]