Paging Bret Michaels! Anne Hathaway has put herself on the auction block at eBay, and the asking price is currently a measly $1,248.56. The listing says: "Treat your daughters or two special people in your life to an unforgettable afternoon or evening with film star and Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway. This once-in-a-lifetime event includes tea with your family (you and two guests) at Sweetiepie, the West Village’s pretty-in-pink dessert eatery that’s perfect for kids of all ages, or cocktails with you and two friends with Anne at another mutually agreed-upon New York City location." There is a 0% chance Ms. Hathaway is ending up at a tea party. And while her ex probably can't afford it, maybe for an extra 500 bucks she'll dress like a boy. (P.S. Free shipping! And all proceeds go to the Public Theater.)