Step right up and get your tickets for the first annual Homocon! No, it's not a convention for escaped homosexual convicts (that would be awesome), it's a political convention for openly gay Republicans. They somehow exist, and GOProud, the only national organization representing gay conservatives, is throwing a big party next month to celebrate their cognitive dissonance. The headliner will be none other than Ann "Come On I Dare You To Punch Me in My Smug Face, You Fairy" Coulter, who previously called John Edwards a "faggot" when he was running for president, and called former vice president Al Gore a "total fag." This is going to be fabulousrevolting.

"The gay left has done their best to take all the fun out of politics, with their endless list of boycotts and protests," declares Christopher Barron, Chairman of the Board of GOProud. "Homocon is going to be our annual effort to counter the ‘no fun police’ on the left. I can’t think of any conservative more fun to headline our inaugural party then the self-professed ‘right-wing Judy Garland’—Ann Coulter." When you think about it, the Garland comparison isn't so crazy, because who doesn't wish upon a star that a tornado would come take Coulter away?

Tickets go on sale August 20th and cost $250. [Via Joe.My.God.]