So this thread in my favorite message board got me thinking about wildlife in our fair city. A quick Google search turned up a relevant and quite nice site from Urban Neighbors as well as the website for an episode of Nature about NYC wildlife (I've seen the episode and it's somewhat disappointing). There's also a book called Wild New York that I bought for my parents a long time ago and that I can recommend. To add a personal touch to this post, let me list some of the things I have seen in NYC: recently I watched a red-tailed hawk eating a squirrel up in a tree; in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden I have seen snowy egrets, black-capped night herons, little green herons, cedar waxwings, goldfinches, and many rabbits; I fed peanuts to chickadees from my hand; I used to catch leopard frogs and bullfrogs; I watched a snapping turtle with a head the size of a football suck down mallard ducklings; I often see pheasant by my grandparent's house; I saw a roadkill opossum on Staten Island once; one time, while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I came litterally face to face with a Peregrine Falcon; my parents regularly go see the horseshoe crabs when they come ashore at Plumb Beach; in my house I have killed mice, houseflies, fruitflies, pillbugs, silverfish, spiders, centepedes, and strawberry root weevils. Other points of interest: a coyote in Central Park, my parent's friend has a problem with black bears in her Westchester neighborhood, the Monk parrots of Brooklyn.