Now, if you've been in Midtown, near areas where there are lots of delegates and police, you may have noticed that it's pretty smelly from all the horse poop around. And the buses aren't making it any better, by just driving through it. Anyway, it made Gothamist think of the Time Out NY cover with the elephant poop. The NY Times reports the magazine was originallysupposed to be made available at the convention, but the elephant dung cover didn't fly with convention officials - total shades of Giulani vs. Brooklyn Museum.

But back to police horses - as well as dogs - it turns out that there is a New York City Veterinary Emergency Response Team. Newsday reported that the team of vets and animal professionals was formed after September 11. There are 300 (bomb-sniffing, narcotics, and regular patrol) dogs and 50 horses "performing security duties," and there's a mobile veterinary unit at the Javits Center - they'll even treat animals brought in by delegates! One vet noted the problems the animals might face are tear gas in dogs' eyes and noses and marbles that make horses slip. Some dogs will be even wearing bullet-proof vests, thanks to the estate of a woman who "left her estate for the better treatment of animals."

Gothamist on what to do when around a patrol dog.