Scene from A Very Special Episode of My So-Called Life: The Post-College Years

This week HelloGiggles (only Zooey Deschanel could get away with so preciously naming a website) caught up with the characters of My So-Called Life, who we last saw sometime in 1995. So, where are these arbiters of '90s cool now? In New York City, naturally. Okay, to make this happen you're going to have to suspend disbelief for a moment, while simultaneously ignoring the Latisse-era of Claire Danes's career, and instead pretending that she is, was, and always will be Angela Chase. And that even though she was no longer on our television, Angela Chase is real, and lived on. There yet?

Okay, according to this fan fic-esque furthered timeline of Chase's life, she went to NYU, and is now 32 years old and living somewhere downtown (author loses points for not giving a specific neighborhood). "She just moved into a spacious (for NYC) one bedroom apartment after spending three miserable years in a tiny studio. Before that, she lived with roommates in various apartments around the city. Angela works in publishing as an art director," and just got out of a serious relationship. Most of her friends here are married, and she still drunkenly Googles Jordan Catalano on lonely nights. Catalano, of course, isn't on Facebook... possibly because he never did learn how to read?

Speaking of reading, making out with Catalano was allegedly the highlight of her life (this story doesn't fit with the career woman in the city storyline, but it's okay since none of this is real anyway)—she even wrote a novel about it, which sits in a box in her apartment, unread by anyone else.

You know who else is in New York? Rickie Vasquez! He came here for college as well, and the two lived in Williamsburg after graduation—which would have been around 2001. Do you think they went to Kokie's?