2007_05_arts_criss.jpgWe can't listen to Criss Angel (pictured..."levitating") speak for more than two seconds without thinking of the Human Giant sketch, Illusionators, so it will be hard to take his latest stunt very seriously.

Angel, who is currently romantically linked to Cameron Diaz, will perform a death-defying stunt on on June 4th in Times Square. At this time, a shackled Angel will encase himself in a glass cube and be lifted 40 feet in the air, having only 24 hours to escape before the whole thing comes crashing down. While in transit to the 40-foot mark, the box will be filled with three inches of concrete.

Angel told the AP: "If you're not scared of death, what is there to fear?" Bad ratings, we suppose. As everything is these days, this stunt is part of a publicity push for the (third) season premiere of Mindfreak, which debuts the very next day on A&E. For Angel, however, maybe there's a little more to it:

"I always try to do things that have never been done before," Angel said, before tweaking his rival. "I was in the water for 24 hours in Times Square for Good Morning America, doing it in 2001. Later somebody else tried to mimic me. I am, in my opinion, the best in the world today."

Blaine, the gauntlet has been thrown down!