Rob Pruitt, “The Andy Monument” (2011). Photo courtesy of the Public Art Fund.

Andy Warhol is getting another extension on his 15 minutes with a life-size statue that went up this afternoon in front of his old Factory studio in Union Square (the one he was at in the 70s and early 80s). Artist Rob Pruitt unveiled The Andy Monument around 11 a.m., at 17th Street and Broadway. He was commissioned by the Public Art Fund to create the 10-foot-tall piece, who tell us it's just "down the street from another Union Square West Factory location, around the corner from Max’s Kansas City—a favorite Warhol haunt—and close to the spot where Warhol was shot by Valerie Solanas in 1968." Warhol would also often stand near this spot handing out copies of his magazine, Interview.

How do you think his statue measures up to the others in the area? He's now in the company of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi. At least, for now. The statue isn't scheduled to be a permanent addition to the area, and currently will only be there until October. Also, coming in April, there will be an app for The Andy.