It seems Andrew Sullivan is having a little trouble adjusting to his new home of New York City. In a post this morning titled "New York Shitty," Sullivan—like a boxer about to be KO'd—exhaustively lists off ways the city has beaten him down. In that list, of course, he takes to task the city's most evil of evils: Time Warner... and for that, we can't really blame him.

"Visiting NYC has always been a thrill. But living there? After the initial wonderland feel, you get to adjust to a whole new rhythm. Just in some basic respects—like getting online or using your phone—it's like going back in time a little. Time Warner Cable... well, I probably don't need to tell New Yorkers what it's like there. We bought the most expensive cable package to expedite my work at home—and it just decides to crawl like dial-up every few minutes. My wifi cannot get a signal that's stable. My iPhone is suddenly iffy—calls are dropped and online access is far slower. And if you keep your wifi open, it gets grabbed by squeegee hotspots that are hard to get rid of. The cable-box was dead. We could not get any DVR either."

Sullivan's other problems (so far!) with New York City: hot water when you want cold water; small living spaces; and "the city effectively robs you of all your pennies at every juncture." Since Sullivan is "stuck" here for at least 12 months—maybe we can all send him some beautiful views from our windows to inspire him, and tips on how to stay sane... just, uh, let us know some tips on the latter in the comments? We forgot ours.