Last week, the Daily News was all up in arms over the Brooklyn Museum's decision to screen a clip from David Wojnarowicz's avant-garde film "A Fire In My Belly," which includes a 10-second shot of ants crawling over a crucifix. Four days later, the NY Post is finally getting in on the action, too, siccing atheist-hating columnist Andrea Peyser on the exhibit, and boy howdy, does she come out swinging:

Calling the exhibit the start of "Open Season—on faith," Peyser labels Wojnarowicz's film "gross," makes sure to note that he was a former prostitute who died of AIDS complications, and explains that she understands art:

"...the aim here is clear. The work must disgust and repel the museum’s gullible audience of bourgeois culture vultures, and make them think the revolting piece of slime is great “art.” Only an ignoramus—or worse, a Christian—would find the piece blasphemous or plain immoral, proponents say. Art lovers are such sheep."

She quotes an "art patron and mom" calling the video "stupid, disrespectful crap," then disses director Arnold Lehman, who wouldn't talk to Peyser (or any members of the press) before the exhibit opens this Friday. In the meantime, Wojnarowicz, from his grave, told Peyser it's just as well that she stays far away, lest she pick up AIDS from the exhibit.