The Ninth Annual NYC Fringe Festival is now in its second day and it's probably time you took advantage of it ("But its 98 degrees outside," you say, to which we respond: its much cooler inside most of the theaters). Gothamist already gave you a peak at the shows that caught our eye, but seriously folks there are a lot of shows going on and at least a few of them are definitely worth your time. Don't believe us? Check out their "Slice-o-matic" search engine and just ask for everything going on this afternoon and evening and you'll get 43 shows that you could attend including, but definitely not limited to: "The Miss Education of Jenna Bush," "Sex with Jake Gyllenhaal and Other Fables of the Northeast Corridor," "Unholy Secrets of the Theremin," "The Mayor Who Would Be Sondheim,""TAROT READING: Love, Sex and Mommy," "Grandmotherfucker & The Seducers," and "Slow Children Playing."

So go out there and see some fringe theater. Or have you already? In which case tell us what you've liked and/or hated in the comments so we can all be the wiser.