1967: Sir Thomas More topped …Virginia Woolf? at the Oscars, the Great American songbook beat out The Beatles' Revolver at the Grammys, and Emmy-winner "The Monkees" brought pop music to TV.

1990:Driving Miss Daisy, nowhere to be found on AFI's Top 100, won Best Picture over #96, Do the Right Thing, which went un-nominated at the Oscars. Bonnie Raitt's Nick of Time won the Grammy over of The Traveling Wilburys, featuring former Beatle, George Harrison. The newsroom bested the neighborhood bar, with "Murphy Brown" taking the Emmy over "Cheers."

2011: Traditional Oscar fare, The King's Speech won Best Picture over The Social Network. Indie-rockers Arcade Fire shocked the Grammys over char-topper Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, and "Modern Family" won the second of five consecutive Best Comedy Emmys.


London, 1967. Beatlemania is in full effect, the "Me" generation is in its prime. But what will happen when the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll fade away and these boomers have babies of their own? Love, Love, Love spans more than four decades and lays bare the consequences of growing older without growing up.

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