We might have mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, here goes. Today, rain or shine (or, uh, rain), is the beginning of Open House New York, the one weekend of the year when hundreds of generally inaccessible places around New York get opened up to the public. It's really pretty awesome and worth your taking advantage of.
And if you bring your digital camera (or your old fashioned one for that matter) and take pictures of exteriors, interiors, details or people along your way you can submit them to the OHNY photo contest to be judged (that photo to the right? Yeah, that's the one of last years winning interior photos, shot from the inside of the Jefferson Market Library Tower).

Think OHNY sounds interesting but don't know where to start? Check out their search tool on their website to try to narrow down your options. Personally at the moment we're thinking the Chrysler Building, the Water Tower at the 63 High Bridge and the Cass Gilbert designed Brooklyn Army Terminal. Anyone else have any thoughts, plans, or just want to share their experiences at any of the OHNY sites?