There's a pretty cool parrot that lives in the back of Crest Hardware in Williamsburg. A lot of people go there for live pig, but I love that parrot more, even if it tends to ignore me because it's too busy chewing up cardboard. One time it said "hello" to me, so we are friends for life. That said, I'd much rather hang with this parrot, who apparently lives in a firehouse and just wants to DANCE:

We asked the FDNY what firehouse this dancing parrot calls home, but were told that information is unavailable. Was it all a dream? Does it really matter? This uplifting video is solid proof that somewhere, at any given moment, off-duty firefighters are getting perfectly innocent kicks off the groovy gyrations of a jiggy parrot. It's just nice to know. Your move, Carlow.

Clean gear, salty cat.

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