The NY Times reflects on Bright Eyes' recent seven night run at Town Hall. Is Conor Oberst so complex that many, many charts analyzing him, his show and his fans outbursts, is necessary?

Maybe not, but in an effort to explain "art" with a little bit of "science" the Times actually sent a blogger to all seven shows - to test his endurance, and bring home the cold hard facts.

The observations range from the light-hearted and elementary "there are drunk weirdos everywhere!" and "is he drunk?" to a more advanced chart on the "special guests (of note)" so confusing that we can't tell if Norah Jones was well received or not. (And do big ZZZ's mean something was more boring than little zzz's?!) Overall, however, it's an interesting take on show reviewing, and blogger/statistician Andrew Kuo seemed to enjoy the run, telling the Times “I’m listening to Bright Eyes more than ever now. I know it’s crazy.”