According to Billboard, Poison frontman Bret Michaels would like to have Stevie Nicks join him on his upcoming solo album, Get Your Rock On. Gothamist staffers are torn, a debate follows:

Jamie: So here's the thing: we're talking about one song that he wants her to guest on
Jen: That's one song too many.
Jamie: So before you get your knickers all tangled, just remember that we're not talking about them getting married (even though if they did they could share hair products and gypsy scarves!)
Jen: His hair isn't real anymore. But anyway, Stevie Nicks should never be a part of an album that includes a cover of "Margaritaville" (as this one might!).
Jamie: But, hibrow-lowbrow... what's wrong with a little "Margaritaville"?
Jen: Bret Michaels doing "Margaritaville" is totally acceptable, but let's not drag Stevie into the frat boy, umbrella-drink nostalgia pop.
Jamie: She could give Bret some mystical advice on how to sell more records
Jen: Stevie's not a mystic, she just dresses like one. Though I agree she can help with his record sales.
Jamie: I think Bret and Stevie are more similar than you'd like to admit. They're both warriors.
Jamie: Bret Michaels has done a very savvy job of keeping himself in the public eye. Reality TV, Tonys, etc.
Jen: He has more in common with Snooki.
Jamie: What has Stevie done lately? Those chiffon skirts don't pay for themselves.
Jen: She is playing at Jones Beach THIS WEEKEND.
Jamie: Maybe Stevie could use a lesson in staying relevant, connecting with a younger audience. When was her last album?
Jen: When you are Stevie Nicks you are always relevant. And Glee just covered Rumours! Her last album was last year and got great reviews.
Jamie: I'm just saying, I don't see why it's such a bad thing for her to hook up with another pop culture icon... she's already started down that road with the whole Glee thing. I think she wants it!
Jen: But she could do better!
Jamie: Come on! This is the stuff karaoke dreams are made of!
Jen: Nightmares.
Jamie: You're living in the past
Jen: I'm okay with that.

Gothamist editor Christopher Robbins is also for the collaboration. He took the Oreos out of his mouth for long enough to chime in, saying, "They'll both need a boost sooner or later. Plus, they both have cocaine-worn septums. That counts for something in this crazy, mixed up world, dammit." But does Bret Michaels really belong anywhere near this woman?: