2007_05_arts_obelisk.jpgStarting tomorrow Ortega's Obelisco Transportable, a variation on the traditional form of an obelisk, will be on view in Central Park. What's an obelisk, you ask? Think: Washington Monument. Ortega's "stands on a grassy platform on wheels, as though it has been uprooted from a previous location and made portable." As such, the "mobile landmark" can move to commemorate any occasion in any location and offers a "pragmatic yet wryly playful approach to a global society in which the balance of power is constantly in flux, and in which populations shift and drift from one place to another." After all, throughout history statues have been often been moved after victories as a symbol of triumph.

Made of fiberglass and plywood, Ortega's statue stands 20 feet tall. The NY Times has more on the artist, who until a few years ago was a political cartoonist. While it has been around the world for a couple of years, this is the first time his obelisk will be on view in the US.

Obelisco Transportable is on view through October 28th at 60th Street and Fifth Avenue, at the entrance to Central Park. Subways: N, R to Fifth Avenue; 4, 5, 6 to 59th St/Lexington Ave. The work is free to the public and is on view daily.

Photo via Schwabe.