A lot of New Yorkers adamantly want to believe that actress Sarah Jessica Parker is just like her character, The Main Lady, from the hit television show The Sex and The City. After spending 20+ years playing this female character in a fictional manner, even the least die-hard Sex fan can agree that both Parker and the character definitely had curly hair! As the old saying goes, if the Manolo Blahnik fits, then wear it on your feet, which are connected to your leg.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar this month (via AMNY), Parker (not the character she played on TV, haha, but it's hard to tell the difference!) talks about her love for NYC, the place where both she AND her character, The Main Lady from the hit television show The Sex and The City, live:

"I love the city. I love everything it has to offer," she told the magazine. "I think that my children are so lucky to be raised here. I love the subway, I love hailing a cab, I love traffic and people and all of the possibilities. I believe in all of that still."

What a real New Yorker! But does Parker really love those things, or is she just saying that because she's lived her life as this fictional character who loves these things for 40+ years? Let's break this down piece by piece, to make sure we cover all of our bases.

Parker Loves Subways

Parker is very strong in this area. She told Vulture in 2013 that she regularly rides the subway. "It’s the only way I travel, with my MetroCard," she said speaking as herself, not her character, who is very much like herself. "No, I read on the subway,” she said. “It’s my favorite part of the subway, is reading...I can’t imagine another means." In another interview all about the hit show she was in, she expanded on this love: "The city does beat you up, and it asks a lot of you. And sometimes it’s impossible to live up to its standards. Just taking the subway every day, I think, My God, can’t we do this better, everybody? There is a sort of drumbeat that’s relentless here in New York. But I still love it."

Like a real person and/or a rat, Parker has been spotted on the subway:

Don't believe stupid words? That's okay, because photos can't be doctored:

Maybe you have had a moment with her:

But you need to watch out for imitation Parkers. Demand authentic organic SJP only.

She provides a reason to get up in the morning.

But she may stir up dangerous things in your subconscious mind:

You know how you can tell she's a real NYer? Because she takes creepshots, just like you.

Parker Loves Traffic

Unlikely, but factually true! Not only has she gone on record as a traffic lover—she's been stuck in it, she's stopped it, she's been caught by it, she's caused it, and she's been inspired by it.

Wherever there is traffic, you may find her there.

Parker Loves Hailing Cabs

Did you ever really doubt it?

Is there anything SJP CAN'T do?

There's even video.


SJP is so synonymous with taking cabs, it's practically a state of being:

In conclusion: Sarah Jessica Parker definitely loves the subway, traffic and hailing cabs. She definitely has been on TV for the last 80+ years. Her husband definitely manspreads. And she definitely isn't taking Tom Hanks' shit seriously anymore.