Gentlemen, put down your razors! (Which you should have been doing for Movember, anyway.) This weekend marks the second annual NYC Beard Competition, sponsored by the Gotham City Beard Alliance. And the competition is looking fierce!

Organizer and proud belly-button-length beard owner Mike O'Connor told the Brooklyn Paper to expect at least 50 beards to compete this Saturday at Club Europa in Greenpoint, in categories like "Natural Beard," "Partial Beard," "99% Beard (formally 'The Recession Beard')," "Free Style," and "Fake." There are separate categories for moustaches, and women are encouraged to enter, too! “People are starting to realize that it is a natural look for men and shows that they are a healthy mate," explained O'Connor, citing the growing popularity of full beards amongst celebrities and "pretty much everybody who regularly rides the L train."

The event will raise money for the Keep-a-Breast Foundation, and you can expect (in addition to some seriously awe-inspiring facial hair) drink specials, guest judges like Youtube sensation Vegan Black Metal Chef, go-go dancers, costumes, and an afterparty at nearby metal bar St. Vitus. $15 tickets are available at the door, and there's still time to register your face here!