battlemanhattan.gifPerhaps an Uptown versus Downtown battle would have worked better, as The NY Times says only 100 people showed up at this past weekend's "Battle of Manhattan," which pitted the East versus the West side of town (perhaps they were all at the Scotland Run).

Organizer Steve Bernstein (a concert promoter) teamed with some sports-minded entrepreneurs for the event. Bernstein said that "after New York City lost out in its bid for the 2012 Olympics, I felt that we could harness New Yorkers natural competitiveness to do something fun and charitable. This not just about the competition, it's also about bringing the city together with sporting and social events to create a real sense of community."

He'll keep going even after this weekend's finish line, too. The Battle's calendar includes basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball and kickball tournaments, and even a karaoke contest and mass tug-of-war in Central Park.

Where do you stand once the line is drawn? The event’s organizers define "Wall Street and everything else east of Broadway below 14th Street as the East Side. Above 14th Street, Manhattan’s Mason-Dixon Line is Fifth Avenue." Of Manhattan’s 1.6 million residents, only 1,000 have paid the $30 registration fee so far. If you're interested in taking sides, there's more info here.