Did you miss out on all the adult ball pit fun a few years back when NYC came down with a severe case of adult ball pit fever (probably caused by spending too much time in said adult ball pits)? Then you're in luck, because a new adult ball pit party is headed to Brooklyn this fall—but unlike those PG-rated ball pit parties of yesterday, this one is rated R... for adult dRinks.

The expressively-named Ball Pit Party will take place on September 11th at Bogart House in East Williamsburg. You'll be able to sign up for a 90 minute ball pit session, during which time you can order adult beverages (a.k.a. "novelty cocktails") and dance to whatever music is most conducive for swimming in ball pits... which I guess would be Fatboy Slim? I feel like when I'm swimming around in a McDonald's ball pit, as I am wont to do on my weekends, the song I always want to hear is "Praise You."

Tickets, which range from $15-40, are limited and will go fast, just like with previously sold out ball-related festivities. But don't take my word for it, read their press release:

Ball Pit Party is an adult wonderland combining the playground filled with balls and our awesome bar serving your favorite cocktails alongside top DJs spinning tunes all day!

The Ball Pit Party will sell out! The tickets are limited so grab them whilst you can!

Tickets are sold on 90min slots but you can stay longer to play in the ball pit and dance with the tunes. A cash bar will be available with cocktails and more on show!

Tickets extremely limited so book while you can!

Did you pick up on the fact that tickets are limited???

If you're sitting there scoffing at the mere notion of mixing your germ-ridden flesh sacs with others' germ-ridden flesh sacs in an unsanitary germ-collecting isolation tank filled with plastic orbs (are they filled with germs? Who could prove otherwise?), then fear not: ball pit cleaning technology* has come a long way, baby.

*It's unclear if Ball Pit Party uses any sort of ball pit cleaning technology.