Amy Sohn and Charles Miller; Photo - NY TimesMazel tov to New York magazine columnist Amy Sohn and artist Charles Miller, who are now 2 weeks married. Their courtship and wedding was capsulized in today's Vows column in the Times and, since we're romantics under our crusty, cynical shells, we're so happy that one of our favorite clever girl-about-town columnists is over the moon happy. And we think Charles Miller is funny, as he explains that while his new wife has laid out her relationship history, for New Yorkers, he's got his own history, telling reporter Jenny Allen, "I've been with a lot of women. I'm 43. I went to Bennington." Touche!

Amy explains to her readers what being married will mean to her writing (quickly - "nothing!").

Updated: Amy writes in NY Magazine about becoming Bridezilla.