The Freedom Tunnel—the Amtrak Tunnel that has long been a destination for both street artists and urban explorers—is in danger of being buffed! This is according to Adventure Two—the blogger of that site writes he talked to a woman who has lived in the tunnel for 20 years about changes to the tunnel security, and work being undertaken by Amtrak, noting "there was a rumour that large blocks of the tunnel walls had been washed over with paint, destroying significant sections of the historical artwork."

Indeed, upon a journey through the tunnel, he was met by a "plain flat grey" stretch of wall, where there used to be graffiti. He writes, "for a short distance the wall reverted back to it's densely tagged state, but then the grey was back for as far as could be seen."

To check out what the Freedom Tunnel used to look like before being buffed over in a dead shade of grey, Nate Kensinger's documentary about it (called "Covered Tracks") will be screening on December 11th inside the Atlantic Tunnel, which is almost as good as it screening inside the Freedom Tunnel itself—solid grey probably makes for a pretty good screen to project upon.