2005_03_antmmichelle.jpgThere are so many reasons why this season's America's Next Top Model has helped secure its place as one of the greatest shows ever (fainting spells! questionable mental capacity from contestants! Janice Dickinson telling a would-be model that it looks like she has a penis!), but last night's episode, The Girl Who Would Be Contagious, was incredible. The pandemonium caused by admittedly disgusting skin sores was amazing: A bunch of overreactive, stupid girls deciding not to consult a doctor or the Internet - or even someone with the Internet - and instead relying on other people's dumb thoughts to judge people. Gothamist would not put it past the producers for giving Michelle impetigo and then somehow causing the media to have covered lots of flesh-eating baceteria stories so the other wannabes' parents could fan the flames of their insanity. Lesson: If you start a rumor that someone is afflicted with a flesh-eating bacteria, you deserve to be booted off a UPN reality show that claims to but doesn't really produce America's Next Top Model; you'll also be booted off if you're not model-y. Good riddance.

2005_03_antmtiffany.jpgGothamist also loves Tiffany's grandmother for telling her (and the other models) to get a life instead of speculating about whether Michelle had a flesh-eating bacteria, practiced witchcraft, or was deliberately hurting herself. We also liked how Tiffany was outraged (right) when Lluvy nicely covered for Michelle during a make-up challenge thingy. So far, Gothamist thinks Keenyah, Brittany, and Rebecca are here for a while, and maybe Kahleen, if she gets her act together.

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