200803culprits.jpgThe last time we checked in with the latest flock of Next Top Models they were posing as homeless women, with homeless women. Seems they disrespected their $6 million Tribeca loft, too...turning it into a hot mess.

The NY Post reports that the 14 wannabe models are accused of trashing the loft (located at 39 Lispenard Street) where they lived for 10 weeks. They moved out 3 weeks ago, leaving the landlord to tally up the damages.

Not only did the crew damage the ceiling for lighting purposes, they reportedly ruined the Brazilian hardwood floors, too. An insider says the ladies "had food fights. There's ketchup and coffee splattered all over the landlord's $20,000 white drapes. There's lipstick on the walls. They moved in furniture and made holes all along the walls." An overabundance of water in the bathroom led to mold and $90K worth of damage in the electrical store on the ground floor, and a $15K chandelier was totaled! Now that's not very lady like.

All in all, estimated damages are about $500,000 -- but so far the show (who hasn't even coughed up the $1500 for the electric bill) has offered to settle for a mere $125,000.